Download the Clubforce App on iOS or Android

Get your club up and running on the new Clubforce app! Club volunteering is now easier than ever with the new Clubforce app – whether you are a coach, a club officer or other volunteer, this app has something specifically for you!

The new app is available to download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

This app replaces the MCF app in the Play Store and on iTunes and adds new functionality including: 

  • Ability for clubs to sell tickets to members (and non-members) with (optional) scannable barcodes to gain access to events/matches
  • Real-time updates for coaches on who is registered for their team for the season, who has paid and who has not
  • Secure, direct messaging from coaches (and other volunteers) to club members via app, email and/or SMS
  • Club maintains control of who participates in groups – if a coach departs, the group admin is reassigned

There’s more! Get the full rundown on the app here