Clubforce Comórtais

Clubforce Comórtais

Set up your own website, create teams and generate a full fixture list for your clubs next season. Clubforce easy-to-use competition management platform allows coaches to score and update league tables in real-time with views both worldwide and at local match venues.

Maintain Discipline

Automate player suspensions based on the amount of foul cards they collect. Comórtais creates a summary disciplinary report and notifies affected clubs about player fines.

Real-Time Statistics

Keep track of your players performance by entering live results and statistics during gather real-time reports including points attempted, foul, assists, points made, and more.

Manage Leagues

Comórtais gives you the tools to manage club games on the go. Create fixtures, manage players, scoreboards and referees so your Match Days run as smooth as possible.

Enable players, clubs and associations to create leagues and competitions

Track Discipline
Real-Time Statistics
Share Fixtures and Results
Update Fixtures and Tables
Manage Referees
Live Game Updates
Manage Transfers
Manage Leagues

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