Every sports club in the country could do with more digital marketing kn0w-how right now as they look to adapt their fundraising to cope with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a club volunteer and want to invite student club members to take part in the competition share the graphic below and direct them to this page to take part: https://clubforce.com/competition/

If you are a student or recent graduate, then read the details below and get permission from your club to get started to kickstart your career! 

If you are a parent of a third-level student with time on their hands, send them this URL to get involved: 


Clubforce Kickstart Competition! 

Want to kickstart your digital marketing career in a sporting environment? Then this might be the competition for you.
Clubforce are giving you the opportunity to apply your digital marketing skills over the summer while helping your local sports clubs to take their online fundraising efforts to the next level.


  • Cash prize of €1000 on offer to winning submission with a further €1000 donation for your club
  • 3 months practical digital marketing experience and a completed digital marketing project to add to your CV
  • Volunteer at your local sports club and play a central role in growing club funds
  • Hands-on assistance and tips from the Clubforce marketing team


  • Register your interest by Friday May 22nd by completing the form below (deadline extended by 1 week)
  • Competition commences on June 1st
  • Competition closes on August 28th
  • Submit your report no later than September 4th
  • Winner will be announced on Friday September 11th and presented with a cheque for €1000 for themselves and another for their local sports club


  • Register your interest by completing the form below
  • Provide Clubforce with written permission from your chosen club no later than Friday 22nd May
  • Create a one-page campaign plan that covers these three areas:
    • Current status of the chosen fundraising activity
      • Multiple fundraising activities may be used but we recommend focusing on one
    • Target to achieve by the end of August including costs and target income
    • How you plan to achieve the target including:
      • Any online fundraising tools and their costs
      • Use of social media channels, club and peer networks
  • Look for suggestions and tips from the Clubforce marketing team to help drive your campaign to your target
  • Produce a one-page report by September 4th 



  • Competition is open to third-level students (or recent graduates) of courses across the island of Ireland (preferably business or marketing but not mandatory) 
  • Graduates must have completed courses no earlier than 2018
  • Entrants must receive written authorisation from their club chairman or secretary to act as a marketing volunteer for the club
  • The competition is open to all sports clubs
  • Only financial performance between competition start date (June 1st) and closing date (August 28th) will be considered
  • Entrants can begin preparing their plans straight away upon entry confirmation
  • The winning submission will be able to demonstrate a significant, measurable impact on club fundraising and deliver a positive return on investment
    • Improved financial performance must be confirmed by club treasurer
    • The plan should deliver incremental improvement to the club’s finances
    • Any substantial one-off donation to a club (greater than €2000) will be considered as an exceptional item
  • Scores will be awarded for:
    • greatest percentage growth of club funds during the 3-month period
    • creativity e.g. use of catchy taglines, videos and/or digital graphics in your campaign
    • introduction of an innovative fundraising initiative
    • sustainability of fundraising effort beyond 3-month period
    • use of online tools to grow club income and report on performance
    • funds generated from an international audience
    • detail of the final report
  • Plans and reports that don’t address the areas specified will be docked points
    • This includes sticking to the one-page limit
  • Plans and reports submitted after the specified deadlines will be docked points
  • The decision of the judges on all matters is final

Competition Entry Form