Frequently Asked Questions

Clubforce is a cloud-based sports participation system for sports organisations to manage member data, funds and communication in an efficient, secure manner. Through the Administration Panel, volunteers manage all club fundraising, communications and member registrations online, with progress monitored through easy-to-use reporting dashboards. 

Previous domains like, and will be retired following an extensive rebrand project which began a number of years ago with the purchase of the domain. 

If you have paid for your membership twice in the same season due to an error, please contact your club who will organise your refund. 

If you are on auto-renew, simply login to your Clubforce account and go to “My Lotto Entries”. Once here you can cancel your ticket. If you are not on auto-renew, your ticket will expire automatically at the end of its current play.

Membership to a club cannot be cancelled online. Please call/email your local club registrar to cancel your membership.

This could be due to the number of children registered and also it’s worth bearing in mind that each parent who registers his/her child(ren) is an additional standalone registrant on the plan.

If you have not used Clubforce to pay membership, most likely you have supported a club lotto or another club fundraiser which explains the charge on your account. If you can’t recall the payment and would like help with figuring this out, call us on +353-91-506048

Yes, any form of financial transaction can be processed securely on Clubforce. Call us on +353-91-506048 for further information

Yes, to reset your club administrator logins, call the Clubforce office on +353-91-506048

To add a new club administrator, an existing club administrator should contact Clubforce to request new login credentials for the new committee member. Call +353-91-506048 to arrange same.