Adams welcomes all-Ireland forum on Brexit implications

November 7, 2018

Gerry Adams said:

"I note the statement today from the Minister Simon Harris TD and yesterday's comments by the Minister for State for European Affairs Daragh Murphy TD, that Taoiseach Enda Kenny will now establish a national forum to discuss the aftermath of the Brexit referendum and its implications for the whole island of Ireland.

I had written to the Taoiseach on Thursday asking him to consider establishing a Forum to discuss the future for the people of this island – North and South – and the European Union following the Brexit vote, and that Mr Kenny meet with myself and other political leaders to discuss this proposal.

"Subject to seeing the details of the Taoiseach's proposals, I welcome the commitment to establish such a forum.

“Any such forum must have island-wide participation and involve the Assembly parties, the Oireachtas, the European Parliament and civic society.

“The vote of the clear majority of citizens in the North who want to remain in the EU must be respected and defended.

“The Remain vote brought together unionists, nationalists, republicans and others in common cause on the same platform.

"Those who campaigned for a Leave vote should also be invited.

"There is an imperative on all of those who are concerned about the consequences of the Brexit vote to work together in the time ahead.

“A Forum, similar to the New Ireland Forum and the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation, should be open to all political parties on the island.

"It would have the clear objective of discussing the implications of Brexit and producing papers on strategies and policies that might assist in coordinating efforts in the time ahead."


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