Camoige Club revived in St.Patricks

November 7, 2018

Following the  A.G.M. Of St.Patricks Camoige Club on March 30th  the following committee was elected 

Club President Marion Noonan


Club Chairperson Anne Cleere

Vice Chairperson Jerry Kelly


Club Secretary Margaret Hogan

Assistant Sect.Sádhbh Morrissey


Club Treasurer Aileen Sugrue


Club Registrar Trish Power 


Club P.R.O. Helena Morrissey 


Child Welfare Officer Theresa Clancy . 


Please feel free to contact any of the above with any questions you might have . 


✴️Training for U6,U8,U10 and U12s takes place every Friday night from 6:30-7:30.please bring your Hurl, Helmet and your own water.✴️

Looking forward to seeing you all there. 

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