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November 7, 2018


Date of First Draw?  
The first draw will be held on THURSDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER.

Entry Fee per draw is €2

MINIMUM ENTRY is €20 which enters you in 10 draws

MAXIMUM ENTRY is €100 which enters you in 50 + 2 free draws

How can I do the draw?
Through the CYM website –

Flyers at the Bar –

  • populate fields on flyer,
  • insert in envelope with appropriate fee,
  • tick section on envelope you are involved with.
  • Put sealed envelope in the designated lotto box behind the bar.
  • The lotto administrator will setup your account on the website. The system will send confirmation by email with your logon details. You then have control of your personal lotto account.

Date of future draws?
It is our intention to hold a draw every Thursday at 10.30pm in the main bar. Cut-off for entry is 10:00pm.

How will Draw of numbers be done?
The draw will be done live in the main bar viewed on a projector screen. We will log onto the CYM account on the local lotto website. There is a facility to generate the 4 lotto numbers at the press of a button.

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