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November 7, 2018

Raymond McKeown scored 1-2 for Ballivor before Summerhill registered their first score – a pt on the 14th Min. Ballivor went on to add a further 1-4 before half time (Daniel Fagan 0-1; Keith Keoghan 1-0; Richard Sherrock 0-1; Raymond McKeown 0-1; Paul Kelly 0-1) whilst Summerhill added a further 3 pts.

Half time score Ballivor 2-6 – Summerhill 0-4
Ballivor were first to score in the 2nd half with points from Brendan Canavan and Raymond McKeown before Summerhill scored a pt on the 10th Min, followed by 2 more pts on the 11th and 12th Minute. A goal for Ballivor (Cathal Egan)on the 15th Min left the sides Ballivor 3-8 – Summerhill 0-7 with 15 mins to go. In the last 15 mins Ballivor recorded a further 3 pts (Raymond McKeown-Keith Keoghan-Brendan Canavan) whilst Summerhill added 1-5
Full time score – Ballivor 3-11 – Summerhill 1-12
Ballivor Team and Scorers Kevin McKeown-Kris Carroll-Richard Davis-John Carroll-Kevin Kelly-Sean Corrigan-Richard Sherrock(0-1)-Tony Fox-Paul Kelly (0-1)-Keith Keoghan(1-1)Raymond McKeown(1-5)-Brendan Canavan(0-2)-Cathal Egan (1-0)- Daniel Fagan (0-1)-Colm Ward. Subs:- F. Doran for C. Egan- C.McGourty for K. Carroll-B. Quinn for C. Ward -M.Coogan for K. Keoghan-J. Fahy for D. Fagan.
Caroline Burke P.R.O.
Ballivor G.F.C.

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