Prospect of article 50 increases urgency for unity referendum - O'Neill

November 7, 2018

Michelle O'Neill said: 

"The British Tories are on the verge of triggering article 50 to take the north out of the EU against the wishes of the people. This will significantly undermine the Good Friday Agreement and lead to the imposition of a hard border. 

"They are refusing to listen to the majority of people and parties in the North, as well as the majority of parties across Ireland, who support the North securing designated special status within the EU. 

"Brexit would be a disaster for Ireland, north and south. It would negatively impact on our economy, our communities and our public services. 

"All of this increases the urgency for a referendum on Irish unity as set out in the Good Friday Agreement and Sinn Féin wants to see that happen as soon as possible." 

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