Sinn Féin delegation meet migrant support service in Newry

November 7, 2018



Mr Hazzard, following a briefing, said,


“Migrants have benefited our society, socially, economically and culturally. As Irish republicans we welcome the valuable contribution they are making here.


“Given the legacy of forced emigration from Ireland we are determined to devise policies to combat racism and promote greater inclusion as we can have empathy with the problems these people are facing.


“We need to prepare for the inevitable influx of people fleeing for their lives. Many of the issues that are current relevant as we fulfill our international obligation to support refugees.


“We sought this meeting to gain an insight into the numbers using support services throughout the Newry Mourne and Down Council region and to look at addressing some of the problems they are facing.


“Immigrants face problems in gaining access to education, housing, employment opportunities as well as the problem of racism.


“We discussed how we could devise strategies and policies needed to promote greater inclusion of these new communities into Irish society.


“It is important that we embrace diversity and use the opportunity to learn from new cultures that can only enrich our own lives.


“Sinn Féin will continue to work to get equality for the migrant communities to allow them the same rights as everyone else in our society.”

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