Watershed election has ended unionist majority in the Assembly – Adams

November 7, 2018

Gerry Adams said:

“This was a watershed election.

“The people voted for equality and respect for all and integrity in government. It was a vote against Brexit. It was a vote for the north to have a designated special status within the EU and for agreements to be implemented in full.

“This has brought an end to the unionist majority in the Assembly.

“It has also demolished any notion of a perpetual unionist majority in the north.

“This needs to be reflected in the approach of the unionist parties and the two governments.

“We will use our mandate wisely to secure equality and respect for all and integrity in the political institutions.

“The Sinn Féin team will be ready to meet with the two governments and the other parties on Monday to get down to the business of implementing the agreements and rebuilding public confidence in the institutions.

“It does not require a renegotiation; the agreements are in place.  No party or government can have a veto on agreements that are already in place.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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