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Too many club volunteers are losing days trying to use paper-based systems and disconnected systems to manage their club administration. Clubforce is the ONLY system that let’s you manage membership, manage volunteers, sell stuff and run a club lottery online

It’s time for you to save the day – or preferably save several days every year by using Clubforce to its full extent! 

Join the growing list of clubs who are maximising the return they get from Clubforce by engaging with the team of account managers and customer service specialists working from our head office. Whatever challenge you are facing as a volunteer, let us know and we will work with you to find a solution. 

Below are a few steps you can take at any stage to improve your club’s income and overall club management using Clubforce:

Put us to work!

We are here to make a volunteer’s life easier – if you are successful, we are successful so ask us via the chat function on the bottom right-hand corner of any page on the website, via phone on +353-91-506048 or through the contact us page. 

Or if it’s easier, we can call you, just fill in the form below and one of us will call you! 

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Make use of our growing collection of resources

There is a lot more functionality at your disposal in Clubforce than you might think. Visit the helpdesk and type a question – if the helpdesk doesn’t return a video or article to answer your question, you will be referred to a member of our team to address your query directly. 

Alternatively, type the question in Google search and that will also give you an answer direct from our helpdesk e.g. “How do I issue a refund on Clubforce“. 

On the Clubforce helpdesk you will find a series of short instructional videos and articles explaining various aspects of the system. 

This content is categorised as follows: 

Clubforce App



Messaging & Communications

Accounts & Payments

Choose the relevant category above to browse existing content. If you have a suggestion for an article not currently on the helpdesk, please let us know

Check out the Clubforce blog for articles aimed at making your life easier as a club volunteer

Many of our staff are volunteers in their local sports clubs and are aware the challenges club volunteers face week after week. To help make life easier, we put together some articles addressing some of the most common challenges. 

Here is a selection of the most popular articles on the Clubforce blog from the last 12 months: 

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A guide to applying for sports capital grants

Club sponsorship proposal letter template

Weekly Webinars

We run a series of webinars every week to help new volunteers learn different aspects of the Clubforce system. Sign up for any of those webinars here

Tailored Training

The depth of functionality on Clubforce is unrivalled. For many clubs, it is also underused. If you know all the basics, let us know how you use Clubforce and we will tailor a training plan to help you get the most from the system. 

Give us your feedback

Where are we going wrong? Let us know. The Clubforce platform has been built on input from valued customers and we are committed to meeting the needs of volunteers through technology.

We are embarking on a redesign project which will bring a number of user experience improvements over the next few months, making it even easier for volunteers and members to use the Clubforce system! If you have suggestions you would like us to take on board, let us know