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Gone are the days of cash reconciliation

Collect all of your payments online and view a full suite of real-time reports

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Grow Club Revenue

Clubforce automates the collection of memberships, renewals, as well as fundraising games and events. Uncover members you didn’t know you had and gain insights such as diversity ratios which are required for grant applications.

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Learn the best practices for raising funds online

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Are you optimised, automating and online?

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can turn on the automatic reminders which will be emailed to all of your membership base when you turn them on for both membership and fundraising activities.

Yes! With Clubforce you get an overview of your membership and volunteer-base. Instantly report on membership status, the number of volunteers available for the season ahead, who has relevant coaching badges, First-Aid training and police vetting.

You can explore trends in membership growth over a three-year period, review existing member and volunteer status and examine the financial position of your club with individual and combined reports detailing income from membership, camps and event and ticket sales.

No need for a separate merchant account. There is an easy online transfer of funds to the club bank account and SEPA payments processing if required.

Automate the financials and get in touch today!

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