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For Secretaries

Reduce time spent on administration

Quickly prepare for important meetings, streamline communications and handle general administration on a single platform.

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The Secretary's Report

The Secretary Report provides you with a ready-made multi-year comparison report for the club AGM detailing revenue from online sources and a breakdown of club membership by type, gender, etc. This report also includes a link to Retention Reports which allow you to see where members are dropping off each year.

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Streamline communications

Get back the hours spent sending out individual emails and text messages when organising meetings and events. Clubforce automated messaging, newsletters and reminders ensure the necessary information is delivered and members can respond to attendance requests through app notifications on all devices.

Collaborate on one platform

The Clubforce desktop admin panel and mobile app makes it easier for volunteers of various departments to work together under a single platform eliminating the need to chase down information from one another.

Learn the best practices for raising funds online

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Frequently asked questions

We have a large documentation wallet where you can store an vast variety of documentation. This wallet is encrypted and kept safe within the Clubforce administrative platform.

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