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No Upfront Fee!

All our pricing is completely transparent and designed to make it easier for the club to manage money. We don’t charge you an upfront fee to get started – instead the set-up fee is deducted from your Clubforce balance as revenue is earned. 

With Clubforce there is NO Separate Merchant Account to be set up, no merchant account fees and no hidden bank charges – all backed by an unrivalled service and money-back guarantee! 

 Club funds can easily be transferred to the clubs bank account at the click of a button – it couldn’t be simpler! 

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(*VAT is only applied to service aspect of our initial Set-up fee)

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Initial Set-up fee
VariesInitial Set-up fee€439.85Initial Set-up fee
Annual Training & Support Fee
VariesAnnual Training & Support Fee€200Annual Training & Support Fee
Transactional Fees (Memberships & Tickets)
VariesTransactional Fees (Memberships & Tickets)3.9% + 37 centsTransactional Fees (Memberships & Tickets)
Transactional Fees (Online Lotto)
VariesTransactional Fees (Online Lotto)10%Transactional Fees (Online Lotto)
Merchant Account Included?
Merchant Account Included?Merchant Account Included?
Merchant Account Fees Included?
Merchant Account Fees Included?Merchant Account Fees Included?
Bank Charges Included?
Bank Charges Included?Bank Charges Included?
Chargebacks At No Extra Charge?
Chargebacks At No Extra Charge?Chargebacks At No Extra Charge?
Prompt Refund Processing?
Prompt Refund Processing?Prompt Refund Processing?
Unlimited Training & Support?
Unlimited Training & Support?Unlimited Training & Support?
Multi-User Access
Multi-User AccessMulti-User Access
Money Back Guarantee?
Money Back Guarantee?Money Back Guarantee?
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