Clubforce for Team Coaches

Clubforce removes the need for coaches to constantly chase team members at registration time and lets you communicate securely with players (or parents) on training schedules and other updates via the mobile app. This ensures that coaches can focus on doing what they do best – coaching players!


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The Clubforce App lets coaches focus on coaching their team!



With the Clubforce App, coaches are assigned a dedicated group for their team allowing them to send notifications to team members and get a graphical summary of who has responded – ideal for changes to team training schedules and matchday arrangements. No need to scroll through a continuous feed of responses to see who will or won’t attend a training session.  


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The app also allows coaches to see in real-time which team members have paid their membership fees – and are therefore insured to play – and the coach can also send reminders to those who haven’t paid via email, SMS or app notification. Once a payment is made, the app updates in real-time to reflect the changes. 

The communications module of the Clubforce mobile app also provides added security for juveniles – giving coaches, club officers, players and parents greater peace of mind. We have developed a team communications tool that uses partial anonymity to protect the contact information of club members – no phone numbers are shared. 

At the end of each sports season, the club removes admin access for existing team coaches (or where a coach leaves the club) and reassigns group admin rights ahead of the new season the following year. 

These are just some of the features of the latest version of the app, designed to help club volunteers get the most from their role coaching teams. To see more about this feature and how it works visit Managers View

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