Secure Communications

How you communicate with club members has taken on a new dimension since GDPR legislation was enacted in May 2018. Now the onus is on clubs to ensure member data is secure and communication preferences are adhered to – the Clubforce platform is perfectly set up to help you do both with ease.

Centralised communications is a vital part of a successfully run club – with Clubforce, busy members, parents and volunteers receive the information they need when they need it ensuring they don’t turn up for training when it’s cancelled, they don’t miss membership renewal periods and nobody has access to their contact information unless authorised.

With Clubforce, club officials can communicate with members via the new Clubforce mobile app, via SMS or through email on the club administration panel as seen in the video below.

Sending Club Newsletters on Clubforce 

Android & iOS Clubforce Mobile App

Member Communications Preference Settings – the member has full control

Customisable, Segmentable Club Newsletter & Group Mail

Centralised communications data reduces likelihood of a data breach

GDPR Compliance as standard

Anonymised communications gives coaches, volunteers and parents peace of mind

Automated Reminder Mails (ARMs) ensure your members are fully up-to-date

Tailored messaging for fundraising, membership renewals, lottery etc. all within your control

SMS Messaging service

Detailed reporting on engagement with your communications across the member base

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