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Information Safeguarding

Certified Secure

Your club’s data is your responsibility - let us take some of the worry away. Clubforce has extensive measures in place up to the international standards required for certification and cyber security insurance to provide the peace of mind that your members’ data is safe with a compliant provider.

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Information security certified

Clubforce is a certified ISO/IEC27001 holder complying with international information security standards in order to provide our customers the peace of mind that they are using a certified provider that protects their information.

Keep your member data safe

As a data controller under GDPR laws, your club is responsible for ensuring that any provider you use to handle that data has appropriate measures and protections. ISO certification provides you with the comfort that the right processes are in place at Clubforce.


Safe communications

Safeguarding and data privacy are at the forefront of our thoughts when designing the Clubforce platform. Clubforce provides a secure messaging system designed with GDPR compliance standards in mind to protect user data and give club administrators the peace of mind that personal information is held safely and privately.

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24/7 support

Clubforce customer support is ready to help you with all your technical questions. Contact us through live chat or call us directly by phone.

Customer success

Our customer success team is dedicated and inspired to build strategies providing long-term growth.

Proven strategies

Clubforce has a proven track record working with our clients to efficiently manage all aspects of your club. Our customer success team is dedicated to support your success.