Clubforce for National Governing Bodies

Clubforce is committed to ensuring volunteering at clubs is simplified by automating virtually all of the administrative burden in registering players, fundraising and syncing data to NGB systems

Clubforce provides NGB’s with valuable insights into grassroots development through a comprehensive dataset. Our platform provides a rich reporting infrastructure and can provide the necessary API access for NGBs to centralise their data in order to propel strategic development and to support the day-to-day administration of sports at a national, regional and local level.


Already, we have worked with the FAI and GAA in Ireland to develop custom integrations aimed at simplifying the administrative function for volunteers – drastically reducing paperwork, saving time and significantly reducing the likelihood of clerical error.


All club and league data can be reported to NGB personnel in real-time giving insights into how your sporting body performs across different geographies and demographics like age and gender. 


As the premier database of sporting activity in Ireland, we have the historical data in sports participation across the country to provide genuine insights and inform strategic decision-making at a local and national level.

API Access

Where NGB’s have existing systems in place, Clubforce can provide API access to sync data from clubs using Clubforce to register members. Contact us for more details. 

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