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Streamline your club communications

Centralise your communications and use the Clubforce Connect mobile app to keep track of your club events and member activity.

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Clubforce Connect Mobile App for sports club communication and management


Connect your members

Communicate effortlessly

Centralise your communications and use the Clubforce Connect mobile app to keep track of your club events and member activity in a GDPR and safeguarding compliant way. Keep your members informed with secure two-way messaging, push notifications and in-app newsfeed.

Clubforce Connect App showing communication features and bespoke club image personalisation. First screen includes clubforce newsfeed showing the club logo, preview text and an attached image. Second screen shows a groupchat with a hyperlink and emoji message sharing. Third image shows groups and team profiles with a custom image.

Gain club followers

It’s simpler than ever to get people to engage with your club via Clubforce Connect – as well as being able to add members directly and invite people via unique codes to groups, anyone who’s downloaded the app can choose to follow multiple sport clubs.

Clubforce connect mobile app for sports clubs follow my club feature

Bespoke club homepage

With Connect, clubs can have their own bespoke homepage with club colours, logo and tailored to provide a hub for your club communications, saving on app-developer fees and providing an easy member experience.

Clubforce connect mobile appshowing different club profiles

Add members to your groups

Your Clubforce membership database is synced directly into the Clubforce app. Start building your groups and teams as soon as you log-in with no data entry and simple search and filter functionality!

Also, you can send invitation codes to non-members.

Clubforce connect mobile app for sports clubs invite members to join your app

View participation insights

Connect offers in-app participation insights so coaches and admins can view participation trends and intervene during drop-off periods to maintain player engagement.

Clubforce Connect App showing how easy it is to track participation. The first screen shows the home page of the app where everything like attendance, events, messages and newsfeed is seen at a glance. The second screen shows a summary of attendance for social, training and competitive events. The third screen shows attendance tracking in-app for a training session.


ISO27001 is an international standard for information security (data security). It demonstrates a company has appropriate management processes and structures in place to protect the data it holds. It’s really important because as a club, your data is your responsibility so you want to ensure that any supplier you use to manage your data is going to take that responsibility seriously

The new app has been redesigned so that it has a clean and more intuitive interface. The new Connect App will cover day-to-day functionalities dealing with club members and players like setting up events, communications and attendance tracking.

A mobile app is best used for tasks that are carried out on a regular (daily/weekly) basis – we wanted to keep the user interface as simple as possible so didn’t want to clutter it with features that are only used on an annual basis. The Connect platform provides a mobile-friendly page to sign up for your membership and it is easy to share a link to this into your group’s chat room so members can jump straight to it from the app.

With our new Club Website product, you can create a club website with no technical skills required at all where you can post news stories and share to your social media. This product can be accessed from your mobile phone and news stories uploaded directly to the website.

At this stage, you aren’t able to share these directly to social media as we are exploring ways to do this in a way which won’t negatively impact on your social content’s rankings in the channel’s algorithms. (Posting multiple links, particularly on Facebook, can limit how much your content is displayed to users).

Yes, when activated, you’ll be able to select group members from a list of your club members.

The Classic version of our app will still be available for those who wish to access the features within it. However, no further developments will be made on the Classic Clubforce app.

Clubs and members may use both apps.

Make communication easy with Clubforce

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