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How Nemo Rangers doubled club revenue

Find out how Nemo Rangers have reduced their cash-handling, volunteer workload and increased their membership and fundraising revenue through their local and global supporters.

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    Nemo Rangers
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    Cork, Ireland


Nemo Rangers was established in 1922 and, over the last century, they have won an impressive 22 County Senior Football Club titles, 17 Munster Senior Football Club Titles, and 7 Senior Football All-Ireland titles. 

They are currently the largest GAA club in County Cork, with over 1,500 members. Off the pitch Nemo Rangers GAA are focusing on growing participation, making sure every member is valued, and continuing to improve facilities for players and members.

Nemo Rangers GAA’s goal when first introducing Clubforce in 2018 was to reduce paperwork, decrease cash collection and stop having to collect forms from parents at the last minute. Recruiting volunteers can be a struggle so it was important to Nemo that they found a system that would lessen their volunteer workload while simplifying the membership process.

100 years of Nemo

2022 celebrated 100 years of Nemo Rangers GAA. On Saturday 20th of November 2021, Nemo officially launched their centenary year celebrations, gathered together by representatives from all sections of the club. Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr, Mary Rose Desmond and Taoiseach Micheal Martin were guest speakers on the night and spoke fondly of their childhood memories of Nemo Rangers and how close-knit the club was and continues to be – almost like a second family.

As part of their centenary year, Nemo Rangers GAA are building a wall to mark 100 years of the club’s activity. The wall will symbolise those who have passed through Nemo by engraving members’ names both past and present. Nemo set up the online payments for this via Clubforce and has had a fantastic uptake from members all across the country and beyond.

Nemo Rangers GAA has increased club revenue by over 50%

Nemo has increased club membership revenue by over 50% since coming on board with Clubforce in 2018. Their growth is a result of the control, compliance, and accessibility that the Clubforce system offers Nemo’s members and volunteers. Clubforce gives Nemo the ability to manage their entire membership online, meaning everything is in one place. Nemo’s members and committee also have the peace of mind that their data is kept safe and secure under a certified (ISO27001) provider.


increased revenue since joining Clubforce

“Certainly we have experienced huge revenue growth, but it wasn’t our key reason to going online with our memberships in the first place. It was a follow on from what you get when you have that extra control with the online system”

Greg Lenehan / Registrar at Nemo Rangers

Making smarter decisions based on real insights

One of the biggest advantages to Nemo in using Clubforce is the level of insight they get into their memberships. The reporting suite allows clubs to run multi-year trend analyses across the entire membership base. 

Greg Lenehan, Nemo Rangers club registrar since 2016, states that the retention report, generated by the Clubforce system, allows him and his fellow committee members to see levels of participation drop off or increase across different segments of their membership. This level of insight allows Nemo to make confident and smart decisions based on real trends year after year.

Nemo Rangers is a club that values inclusivity and equality. With the Clubforce insights suite, Nemo can see that since 2018, they have had a 10% increase in female participation. These statistics can help better understand participation and membership trends. They also act as a reference for Nemo when allocating coaches, facilities, and training equipment, making sure that there are the best resources available for all Nemo Rangers GAA players.


annual increase of female perticipation since 2018

“The reality here is you need a system to underpin your membership and show you this level of insight to allow the club that level of control for planning”

Greg Lenehan / Registrar at Nemo Rangers

Nemo’s 3 secrets to success when going online

  1. User Experience – making sure it’s as simple as possible for your members to engage with your club.
  2. Start Small – define what small is for your club and work out the best way to phase in your online journey.
  3. Engage and Promote – keeping up regular communications to keep them involved and up-to-date with club activities.
Clubforce | Nemo Rangers, Greg’s Tips & Tricks

The Results

As a result of moving their membership and fundraising streams online, Clubforce has given Nemo a constant increase in revenue year on year with over 50% revenue growth since 2018. For a club of that size and grandeur, these are the results needed so they can provide the club with a consistent flow of revenue in order to improve facilities and expand for the future.

Nemo Rangers GAA is a Clubforce Champion in showing that better processes lead to better results. With Clubforce, Nemo can run reports daily, weekly, and monthly to keep up to date with fundraising draws with players all over the world, efficiently manage their members, reduce volunteer workload and their overall paperwork. Going forward, they can monitor which initiatives worked well and which didn’t and they can tweak fundraising strategies for maximum efficiency, meaning that their processes can grow with the club.

Clubforce has transformed the way sports clubs like Nemo Rangers are managed by providing an all-in-one platform for sports clubs to connect members, reduce administration, and drive fundraising forward.

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