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Every role within a club can benefit from using Clubforce. Simplify the administrative activity and get a genuine insight into the overall development of your club through visual reporting dashboards, all designed to make it easier to run your club.

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There is no additional charge for multiple administrators – once your club is signed up to Clubforce, you can assign levels of access to various club volunteers without paying any additional charges! 


Clubforce takes the hassle out of registering members, drastically reducing paperwork and ensuring member data is secure at all times. Members can register online – at a time that suits them – and the club can send automated reminders and easily check and report on member and volunteer status through the admin panel


Coordinating club administration and ensuring data integrity is a time consuming effort for a Club Secretary. This is simplified using Clubforce – all online revenue streams, membership and volunteer status are reported in real-time and member data can be easily synced to NGB systems.


Developing and running a successful club involves maximising the effort of club volunteers. Clubforce provides the administrative support to reduce the need for paperwork and handling cash, streamline communications, simplify reporting and ensures member and volunteer data is secure at all times.


Clubforce makes the role of Club Treasurer easier by helping to ensure your club’s funds are secure by enabling online cashless transactions for memberships and fundraising. Reporting on the club’s financial status is easier with visual dashboards giving year-on-year comparisons. Clubforce also means no need for a separate merchant account, easy online transfer of funds to the club bank account and SEPA payments processing if required.


Keeping your community and the general public up-to-date on club activity and fundraising efforts is a continuous effort in the role of PRO – all made easier using Clubforce with tools like the customisable Club Newsletter and Clubforce mobile app.

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