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A coach on the go: managing multiple clubs

A coach on the go: managing multiple clubs clubforce blog

Whether you’re a coach or a member, being involved in multiple clubs, managing, volunteering, or participating, can be a juggling act. Each club often has its own app, system for management, group chats, and feeds, making it time-consuming to stay on top of everything.

The Clubforce platform and Connect mobile app allows members and coaches to follow and interact with multiple clubs on the Clubforce platform without having to switch profiles. 

In this blog, we’ll focus on how coaches can efficiently manage multiple clubs and teams within different clubs, all from a single profile but note the multi-club functionality can also be applied to club members using Clubforce.

Access multiple club profiles in a single account

Thanks to the My Account feature, coaches/admin accounts can be added to multiple clubs. Clubforce operates on a one-account-per-user basis, enabling multiple access functionalities within a single account. So, whether you’re coaching for St. John’s FC and managing finances for St. Anne’s CC, you can handle both clubs seamlessly from one account.

Mnage multiple teams across different clubs within the clubforce app

Access multiple groups and teams

Club communications can quickly become chaotic with messy group chats, multiple accounts, and cross-channel communications. With Connect, your account can be linked to multiple clubs within the app, consolidating all your cross-club communications into one convenient location.

Add members across different clubs (with synced memberships or invitation codes)

For clubs within the Clubforce platform, creating groups becomes a breeze. You can simply search for a member’s name from the relevant club and add them to your groups, streamlining the process. Alternatively, if the club isn’t part of Clubforce, but you still want to utilise the management functionality, you can invite members through an invite code.

Clubforce connect mobile app for sports clubs invite members to join your app

Note: Once someone registers through the Connect app, future interactions such as purchasing registrations or lottery tickets are made easier, as their account is already linked to the desktop platform.

Multi-club summary homepage

The Clubforce Connect mobile app’s homepage provides a comprehensive summary of your activity across different clubs. It displays upcoming events you’re managing, recent messages from various clubs, and news articles shared across the different clubs you’re involved with.

Clubforce Connect App showing how easy it is to track participation. The first screen shows the home page of the app where everything like attendance, events, messages and newsfeed is seen at a glance. The second screen shows a summary of attendance for social, training and competitive events. The third screen shows attendance tracking in-app for a training session.

In essence, Clubforce empowers coaches and club admins to efficiently navigate and manage their involvement across multiple clubs, streamlining communication, and enhancing overall effectiveness in their roles.

If you’d like to get started with Connect, try it out for free here!

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