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Clubforce Teams Up with STATSports to Make Sport Accessible for All

Dublin, 16 November, 2021: The Irish business providing over 2000 clubs with sports club automation has teamed up with STATSports to make sport accessible for all. The partnership between Clubforce and STATSports will be another step in creating a sports technology ecosystem for the future, one which makes sport inclusive by making advanced performance analysis accessible to all.

STATSports provides an all-encompassing, unparalleled, sports science and performance analysis service within the elite sporting industry. They have advanced the application of sports science within the high-profile sporting organisations of their growing client list. Some of their Global clients include Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Brazil, South Africa Rugby, New York Yankees, Miami Dolphins, Tyrone, Dublin football and Galway Hurling. In 2017, STATSports launched their revolutionary APEX device which is worn by athletes during training sessions.

Clubforce has transformed the way sports clubs are managed and is the leading club automation platform, used by teams worldwide to unify their members, to take the pain from admin and to drive fundraising forward. Clubforce technology allows volunteers, parents and players alike to work together effectively, receiving the right information at the right time so everyone can participate to their very best. The software company has been operating in Ireland since 2009 and has pioneered automation technology in this space by listening carefully to clubs and volunteers across the country and now more recently internationally. Clubforce’s mission is to make sport accessible for all while also creating joy, health and physical wellbeing amongst the community.

Just last month the company entered a strategic partnership with Output Sports, to help customer clubs improve and enhance player’s performance by enabling them to monitor and track their performance. Clubforce continues to grow its technology partnership footprint and is also the official partner of the Federation of Irish Sports and Connacht Rugby.

STATSports co-founder and CCO Sean O’Connor remarked: “Strategic partnership is important to STATSports. It’s never a case of signing on with other organisations for the sake of it. Clubforce are another thriving Irish company in the technology space who complement our core mission in helping sports teams reach their ultimate potential. We offer these teams and their staff their time back with the best performance analysis technology platforms in the industry. Clubforce provide a similar service to their clients with their all-in-one club management platform. We’re a good match and we’re delighted to synergise with them.”

Responding to the announcement, Warren Healy, CEO of Clubforce says: “We are thrilled to partner with a technology company like STATSports. Their story is inspirational, and our global ambitions are shared. Both teams are on a mission to build an eco-system for the future so the industry can bring the benefits of sports to as many people as we can worldwide. We’re incredibly excited at Clubforce as we know exactly what the STATSports technology can generate for our customers.”

STATSports APEX device works to collect intricate data on players physical wellbeing and performance. This data enables coaches and managers to track performance and adjust team and or player workloads to help them perform better in training and on the field. The device has already transformed the GPS player tracking device landscape in its short inception.

It has altered the sports technology and sports science sphere by giving teams a device that is five years more advanced than any of the other similar products on the market. It integrates all the latest technologies on the market including augmented 18Hz GPS, Bluetooth LE and 600 Hz accelerometer. These technologies make it the most accurate and powerful tracking device on the market today.

In 2018, STATSports launched its Apex Athlete Series which is a Bluetooth-enabled GPS device that relies on the exact same core technology as the professional product. The only difference is it scales down the complexity to make the offering much more accessible to individual athletes, therefore, making advanced performance technology accessible to all. Athletes can track 16 Key metrics such as total distance or max speed and compare their results against the STATSports pros and their team-mates.

STATSports Apex Coach Series product was created with amateur teams in mind. Coaches can track players metrics and compare sessions and workloads.  It objectively measures performance and coaches can use that data to plan future training sessions. The GPS technology can also help in preventing injuries and prevent burn-out. Coaches can use the data to regulate workloads and put proper recovery and tapering strategies into place to ensure optimum performance. The data that has been collected over a player’s career can then provide invaluable insights to training and game demands for future generations.

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