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Organising your sports club programmes online

Organise your sports club programmes with Clubforce 2024 blog

With a busy schedule all year round, sports clubs are forever chasing a never-ending series of programmes, tournaments, camps, training sessions, etc! At Clubforce, we’re excited to introduce our latest feature: Programmes. This functionality will help your club streamline and separate different categories of your club’s activities, enhancing your overall management experience. Here’s a detailed look at what Programmes offer and how they can benefit your club.

What is a Programme?

A programme is a flexible tool designed to help you manage your membership plans and other registrations more efficiently. Think of a programme as an umbrella under which various registrations can be organised. It can encompass everything for one season, or it can be used for specific subsets, such as youth registrations, membership plans, dinner dances or seasonal camps.

What is a Registration?

Registrations are forms that capture membership details, camp enrollments, or other types of registrations. These registrations are housed within a programme, allowing for better organisation and management.

Filter Your Reports

With the introduction of Programmes, your dashboard and membership reports can now be filtered by programme. This makes it easier to locate the exact information you need. Additionally, we’ve incorporated revenue data into these reports, enabling you to see the financial impact of each programme at a glance.

Copying a Programme

To simplify the transition from one season to the next, you can easily copy any previous registration plans into a new programme. This allows you to make necessary adjustments, such as price changes, before publishing the new programme.

Setting Up for a New Season

While you have full control over the programmes and registrations in your Clubforce system, our Customer Activation team is always available to assist with the changeover from season to season. If you’re ready to set up your plans for a new season, simply fill out the form below to get started.

With these new Programme features, managing your club’s activities has never been easier. Whether you’re organising memberships, camps, or special events, Programmes provide a structured and efficient way to handle all your club’s registrations.

Set up your next season with Clubforce in a matter of minutes! Let’s have a chat about what you need and how we will help you achieve that.

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