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Cut Down on Paper with Clubforce

This World Environment Day, Clubforce looks at ways in which our system can help your club cut down your paper trail.

In 1974, the United Nations launched World Environment Day with the aim of increasing awareness worldwide and putting actions into place to help protect our environment. This day is now widely celebrated in over 100 countries.

According to the consumption of paper around the world has grown by 400 % in the last 40 years. Also, almost 4 billion trees are cut down around the world every year for paper, this accounts for nearly 35% of all harvested trees. These are scary stats when you think about how much paper is printed and wasted yearly.

Do you manage your sports club all on paper? If so, has your club thought about managing your membership, fundraising and club data on a secure, GDPR compliant cloud-based platform? Not only will this benefit your club, but it will also benefit the environment in the long term. There are many ways your club can help the environment and cutting down your paper trail can be one. tells us that “It is estimated that the average office worker uses up to 45 sheets of paper per day, of which over half is considered waste”

Take a minute and think about the amount of paper your club uses every year; membership forms, payment records, cheques, club lottery ticket stubs, fundraisers etc. Also, if you do manage it all on paper, where do you store police vetting forms, coaching and first aid qualifications and what about emergency contact numbers? These are now the challenges volunteers face when storing personal data and trying to remain GDPR compliant.

With Clubforce, you don’t have to worry about this, the Single Member View feature gives you a complete overview of any member of your club, documents such as and police vetting forms, coaching qualifications etc may be uploaded also.


Ways in which Clubforce can help your Club go paperless


Why not give your members the choice to register online this season at their own convenience. This saves administration time and paperwork for your committee and it also keeps all the data secure in one place. 

Go online with your Club lotto, if your club lotto can’t be played online, your missing out on a big percentage of potential players across sea’s and at home. Lots of club’s have club members  who have moved abroad but still support their local club at home by playing their lotto online.

More and more clubs have started Selling Tickets on our system. Clubs can potentially have the option to run a paperless ticket-based fundraiser by issuing tickets via email. There is also the option to use a bar code scanner to check attendees in at an event – this can then be reported and compared against those who registered.

Society is changing and almost everyone and everything is online nowadays. As you’ve probably noticed, electronic billing and statements have taken over from traditional paper mail also.

This Word Environment Day, If your club are thinking about going online and want to find out more about how Clubforce can help you to manage your membership, fundraising and club data in a secure, compliant cloud-based platform. Fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch or you can Call Clubforce today on +353-91-506048.


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