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Document Management for Sports Clubs

Stay compliant with Clubforce.

It’s mandatory that all volunteers/paid sports coaches working with children and vulnerable persons have completed their Garda vetting clearance and Child Welfare training. If not, there are penalties for persons and clubs who fail to comply.

Document management and ensuring GDPR compliance when processing member data can be tricky, not to worry, Clubforce is here to help your club stay compliant with our Document Wallet and Single Member View features.

Did you know that:

– Members can upload documents securely through their Clubforce account.

– Police vetting forms, child welfare training certificates, coaching qualifications, first aid qualifications etc. can all be uploaded securely.

– Dedicated club administrators (child welfare officers usually) can review those documents.

– Clubs can issue automated reminders when police vetting forms are soon to expire.

– Restrict access on who can see these documents.

Document Management

Planning a trip away with your sports club can be a stressful time for club volunteers, especially when travelling overseas. With our Document Wallet feature, club members can securely upload documents they may need to share with the club for trips away etc.  For example, you can upload a copy of your passport if you are going overseas and need to book flights.

Club members can upload other important documents such as qualifications for various coaching courses, child welfare training, First Aid courses etc. Police Vetting forms can be uploaded with additional functionality to set reminders for club officers and coaches when their vetting forms are set to expire.

Permission to view this information can also be restricted by the club e.g. only the Secretary and/or Child Protection Officer can see Police vetting forms.

In our Single Member View feature, club admins can also see associated memberships (e.g. children, spouse etc.), view a full history of payments and memberships paid, view communication preferences of the member and see an archive of any documents uploaded by that member.

To find out more about Document Management for Sports Clubs, click HERE to view our webinar recording.

For more information on how Clubforce can help your club stay compliant, fill in the request a demo form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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