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Manage multiple family members in a single account

Manage multiple family members in a single account with Clubforce membership nd mobile app

Managing multiple family members in a single account has become a necessity for modern sports club communities. With each generation bringing new players into the fold, the traditional model of individual memberships and separate communication channels can quickly become overwhelming for families. Parents juggle multiple memberships, navigate different group chats, and often rely on their children to relay crucial information about club activities. These added tasks can detract from the overall experience and create unnecessary stress.

Recognising this challenge, Clubforce offers Family Member accounts, a feature that consolidates multiple accounts into a single interface while preserving individual functionality. Let’s explore this innovative feature and delve into how it functions.

Parent and Child Accounts

Within the Clubforce ecosystem, one parent account can seamlessly manage multiple child accounts, each typically under the age of 18. This arrangement empowers parents to accept group invitations on behalf of their children, track their attendance at training sessions, and stay informed about club activities.

Clubforce prioritises child safety by ensuring that coaches cannot directly message child accounts. Instead, any communication attempts are redirected to the parent, adding an extra layer of security to the platform.

Clubforce add second parent/guardian to a child profile

Two-Parent Accounts

For families with two legal guardians, Clubforce offers the flexibility of linking two parent accounts to the same set of child accounts. This feature ensures that both parents remain fully informed about club events and activities, facilitating better coordination and involvement from all parties.

Intuitive Membership Registration

Managing membership renewals becomes a breeze with linked parent and child accounts. Clubforce stores their details, simplifying the process of renewing registrations. When parents purchase memberships, their child accounts are automatically linked, allowing them to easily select which child should be associated with each plan.

Clubforce Connect Mobile App

The Clubforce Connect mobile app provides a seamless experience for families on the go. Whether it’s checking schedules, receiving notifications, or communicating with fellow club members, the app ensures that families stay connected and engaged with their club community effortlessly.

Clubforce Connect Family Member accounts offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by sports clubs and their members. By centralising management, prioritising child safety, and enhancing user experience, Clubforce empowers families to fully participate in and enjoy their club’s activities with ease.

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