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Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Clubforce join to tackle youth inequality

The Foundation, which seeks to empower youths to tackle inequalities they face, has joined forces with Clubforce. Clubforce is the only all-in-one sports club management platform that enables club volunteers to manage all aspects of their club from a single interface. Currently, the tech business is helping more than 2000 clubs to grow and thrive with members in 35 countries.

The business has been operating since 2009 and is proceeding with its plans to expand further in the UK. The Clubforce technology provides membership management functionality, online fundraising, pre-built club websites, league and competition management, and much more. The platform is utilised by clubs across Britain and Ireland. Its mission is to drive inclusivity, diversity, and participation for all through sport. 

The Rio Ferdinand Foundation was set up in 2012 by Rio Ferdinand OBE, an English former professional footballer, following his own lived experience of inequality. Since then, they have been working in communities across Ireland and the UK, with regional hubs in Belfast, Manchester, and London. They have supported over 10,000 youths, helping them to realise their potential.

The youth development charity empowers young people in the most disadvantaged communities to tackle the inequalities they face. They do this by creating opportunities that help them achieve their personal potential and drive social change on a greater scale. The charity operates under four strategic themes: safe spaces; health and wellbeing; strong, safe, and inclusive communities; and progression, skills, and employability.

Both organisations’ strategies are well aligned, making this partnership a great fit and a means to achieve their wider goals. Partnering with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation is a Clubforce commitment to its current and future customers in the UK. The partnership will see the Rio Ferdinand Foundation reach more youths across the UK to positively impact their lives, helping them improve their wellbeing and realise their potential.

Pictured left to right: Rachel Kavanagh, CMO Clubforce, Gary Stannett, CEO Rio Ferdinand Foundation, Noel Murray, CEO Clubforce.

Clubforce recognises sport as a big leveller where prejudices have always had to take a backseat, and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation agrees it presents a great opportunity to encourage inclusivity. The mental and physical health benefits of sport are well known, and this partnership allows both organisations to make an impact in their broader communities.

“We are delighted to collaborate with a community-focused software company developing technology to promote sports participation and make sport accessible to all. We are on the same journey.”

Rio Ferdinand, Foundation Founder

“As we grow in Britain and indeed the UK we are delighted to partner with Rio Ferdinand, Gary Stannett and his team, and support the excellent work they are doing on the ground.”

Noel Murray, CEO, Clubforce

“We are full of admiration for the work done by the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, especially for girls. I’m especially excited to hear about programs such as GoGirl, building the confidence of young women and girls to achieve their potential. We’re looking forward to contributing to the efforts made by the Foundation to drive inclusion and sports participation across genders in both geographies.”

Rachel Kavanagh CMO, Clubforce

Clubforce is the only all-in-one sports club management platform that enables club volunteers to manage all aspects of their club on a single platform. Currently, the tech business is helping more than 2000 clubs to grow and thrive.

Clubforce has seen massive development over the past year, entering strategic partnerships with numerous sports tech businesses and appointing a new CEO, Noel Murray, formerly of Microsoft. Clubforce is excited to expand further in the UK by partnering with an inspiring foundation that is helping so many youths to tackle the inequality issues they face on a daily basis. The team is thrilled to add to the Rio Ferdinand Foundation’s current impressive efforts and build the bridge to make sport accessible to all.

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