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Single sports club app for families

Single Club app for families using Clubforce Updated Blog for 2024

It can be difficult keeping track of everything – training notifications, requests for payment, club news, match fixtures and coordinating it all is a logistical challenge, to say the least. 

Using your member account on the Clubforce Connect App, you can manage all of your family’s sports activities in different clubs in one place – no other sports club app allows you to do it all from one place!   

In a typical family of two adults and two (let’s say teenage) children, there are many different sporting and social activities to manage each week – Mom could be playing tennis at the weekend; Dad might be playing golf on Saturday; a son or daughter might have a football training on a Tuesday, hockey training on a Thursday, a match on Saturday and another on Sunday. And that’s just one week! 

But there’s a lot more to sports participation for families than playing and training – a parent may also be a team coach or administrative volunteer. Below are just a few examples of typical household questions that come up week after week – and how the Clubforce app can help parents stay organised and up-to-date with all of their club activities. 

“Is training on tomorrow?” 

You know got the text message, or was it an email? Maybe it was a WhatsApp message? Our phones are littered with different apps for different things and finding the last communication with a particular sports club can be frustrating. ALL club communication – training notifications, news updates, fundraisers – for any of the clubs on the Clubforce platform can be found in one place. You also only receive direct communication from the club – not every single parent’s reply – so no more endless scrolling through various messaging platforms trying to find a message. 

“Did you pay my football/hockey/basketball membership?” 

For most clubs, this is a once-a-year event although many clubs choose to have their club membership paid in instalments on Clubforce. Remembering to pay club membership on time before the sporting season starts for different sports can be a headache, especially nowadays when kids are often involved in more than one sport at a time. With Clubforce, you will receive a prompt via app notification and email with timely reminders until your membership is paid – once it’s paid, you stop receiving notifications unlike blanket repeat notices shared on other platforms which can be a complete nuisance. 

“How much was it last year?” 

If you are a parent budgeting for the year ahead and wondering how much the golf club membership costs? What was the basketball club registration fee? It’s all there, in one place on your Clubforce member account. 

“Where’s my club lotto ticket?” 

Sports club lotteries are extremely effective fundraisers for amateur sports clubs. The draw takes place each week but you don’t always get the results or remember to check your ticket – having all of your previous entries in one convenient place would be useful; having an app that notifies you each week with the results would also come in handy.

Clubforce does all of the above with a full historical record of payments with each club, backed up by email receipts in your inbox. If email isn’t your preferred way of communicating, you can change your details in communication preferences in your member account. 

“When is the next match?”

Keeping up-to-date with training schedules, fixtures, match days for different sports can be challenging – but with Clubforce, you can get updates for any club you are a member of through the Clubforce app. No need to have multiple apps per club – everything is in one place!

“Where are my football boots?” 

Sorry, we can’t help with this one. Not yet at least.

Is your club getting the full benefit of the Clubforce system? Share this with your club members and get them to fill out this form for a quick introduction to the system! This is just one of the ways Clubforce makes life easier for club volunteers.   

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