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6 Steps To A Successful Easter Camp

Running children’s camps during school holidays is a great way of growing membership and participation in your sports club and generating extra revenue in the process.

The Easter break is just around the corner and sports camps are increasingly popular amongst school children, not just in one or two sports as many different types of sports camps are now on offer. With this level of competition for participants, it’s important for sports clubs to be organised and they must now work harder to ensure that children choose their camp over the other options available.

That’s where Clubforce can help! With Clubforce you can make it easy for club members and other families in your community to register for camps online at their own convenience.  All communication with parents before, during and after the camp can be done securely through the Clubforce mobile app, newsletter and SMS messaging.

The Clubforce App gives coaches the tools they need to run a sports camp safely. Coaches can notify parents and guardians with gear and food needed daily, while also asking them to confirm attendance. Coaches can then verify attendance on the app, enabling attendance numbers to be reported on after each camp.

Once your camp is set up on Clubforce, all you have to do is share the registration link with members through social media and or email to get registrations in. This reduces the administration workload on club volunteers, allowing more time to come up with new and interesting ways to make your camp unique and make it stand out from the competition.

Share the infographic above to get your club volunteers thinking about maximising camps as a means of growing club membership and revenue. (Right click on image to Download & Share

If you would like to run a camp on Clubforce, contact your account manager or click here to get in touch.

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