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7 Traits of a Successful Coach!

I always say, the difference between a good coach and a successful is the right mindset. To be a successful coach you need to have a genuine passion for what you do and inspire your players.

Coaches – as well as club administration volunteers – are always in high demand. Local sports clubs are always on the lookout for new qualified coaches to provide training to their players. In recent years, I’ve have seen a growing interest and focus on the quality of coaches through certifications, qualifications and education. Now, getting the right coaching qualifications and police vetting forms is a great start, however there are some things that just can’t be taught.

Here are 7 characteristics which will make a successful coach!

  1. Knowing your Sport

    Knowing the ins-and-outs of the sports industry is a necessary trait for a successful coach! The majority of the time, successful coaches are often involved in the sport they are managing, in some capacity from an early age. This gives them years of experience they can apply to their team. If you don’t fully understand the sport you are coaching, how will the kids?

  2. Communication

    Successful coaches are able to get their point across to their players every time. They find the best way of transforming the ideas in their head to their players through talking, physical aids, visual aids, technology – whatever you have at your disposal to help pass on information.

  3. Enthusiasm

    Players feed off the energy their coach brings to the field. A genuine enthusiasm for coaching will show your players you care about them and their achievements. Bring that energy and excitement into everything you do, set the right tone for your team and your players will follow.

  4. Empathy

    Getting to know your players, understanding their background and needs is one of the most important skills to have as a coach. Be aware and have compassion for your players. As a coach, you are there to help them be the best version of themselves and each player runs at their own pace.

  5. Fun

    Sports should be fun! Adding fun into the sports learning process leads gives the players something to look forward too and keeps them coming back. “Having fun” sounds like an obvious statement but it’s important for a coach to make sure everyone is having a great time. Fun builds enthusiasm, morale and a strong team environment.

  6. Role Model

    Your players look up to you as a mentor, a leader and a friend. You are the example your players will think of when they are comparing themselves. “You are an important figure in your players’ lives. Lead by example and create an environment you would like to be in.” – Ian Morris

  7. Preparation

    Preparation is key! Good content and planning is an essential part of coaching. It gives your players a chance to look at their path forward in sport and how they will achieve their goals. Be prepared for your sessions, game days and create a fun and enjoyable coaching environment. 

There you have it! These are my top 7 traits on how to be a successful coach. Sometimes we can get caught-up in the small details when coaching but looking at the bigger picture, the best coaches are those who are enthusiastic, passionate, know what they’re talking about and relate to their players.

Download and Share this infographic to spread awareness of successful coaching traits and find quality talent!

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