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5 Ways To Engage A Modern Football Player!

Teams are changing and habits are evolving. Here are some of the things you need to think of when engaging your football team!

1. Keep it short and embrace technology

Provide bite-sized information. Social media has moulded how players receive information and more importantly, how quickly they wish to interpret it. Work-out booklets and rule manuals have become pretty much redundant as more and more guys and girls consume content online. You need to arrange team meetings followed-up by video clips and action points.

2. Engage your team as independent thinkers!

The days of motivating a squad of players in the same way as in previous years are well and truly gone. Players need a much more individualised approach when it comes to motivation and every other aspect of their work. Individual development plans are appreciated!

3. Provide variety in their environment

Boredom is a common performance blocker that coaches have to deal with. It has now become a coach’s responsibility to stimulate players’ minds rather than simply requesting focus and concentration. Coaches need to be flexible and open to new ideas and input from the players such as mixing up training locations and using various learning methods. Watch video clips of elite players with your team and examine how they play in their position.

4. Give consistent feedback

Today’s elite players will not accept generalisations like “you are doing well” and “keep going”. Modern players value 1:1 meetings with an open dialogue of constructive feedback on their performance.

5. Create enjoyment!

Create an environment where players want to come to training every day and work hard for the team to achieve better results! Training sessions should include the ball along with an enthusiastic, upbeat approach from the coaching staff to inspire the players. 

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