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Managing Groups & Teams on Clubforce

Is training cancelled? Venue changes? Have an event on? Without the right communication tools, keeping your coaches, members and parents informed can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Clubs thrive with proper communication tools that go beyond the WhatsApp group chat. Groups can be created for different teams, coaching groups, volunteer groups etc and no contact numbers are visible, ensuring the club’s communications are GDPR compliant.

Clubforce Connect is a game changer for grassroots sports clubs. Quickly organise your training sessions and even social events in a matter of minutes. Organise your members and volunteers into groups where you can share event details, post your achievements in your newsfeed, get real time responses to who’s attending training and secure two-way messaging.

Give your coaches and group admins independence

Imagine having all your day-to-day club communications and schedule neatly organised at your fingertips. That’s what Clubforce Connect is all about. It offers a unified platform for sharing news updates, scheduling matches, and sending out vital announcements. Communication is more than sending messages and emails back and forth. No more sifting through endless email threads or missing important messages – everything you need is in one place.

Clubforce removes the need for coaches to constantly chase members at registration times and lets you communicate securely with players (or parents) on training schedules and other updates via the mobile app. This ensures that coaches can focus on doing what they do best-coaching players!

Phone screen with different sports club volunteers and members coming out of it to represent connectivity. The phone screen displays attendance history over a training period with Clubforce Connect App

Keep your members informed

Easily provide live match updates, share club news, announce open registrations for the upcoming season, or promote fundraising events – all through your club app with Clubforce Connect. Effortlessly draft and post news directly to your entire audience or specific groups, ensuring your communications are seamless and up-to-date.

Clubforce Connect App showing communication features and bespoke club image personalisation. First screen includes clubforce newsfeed showing the club logo, preview text and an attached image. Second screen shows a groupchat with a hyperlink and emoji message sharing. Third image shows groups and team profiles with a custom image.

Get the right information across, fast.

Sports clubs are dynamic environments where schedules and plans can change at a moment’s notice. The Clubforce Connect App keeps everyone in the loop by providing real-time updates. Whether it’s a sudden venue change, a match cancellation, or an urgent announcement, you can push out the information instantly to all relevant parties.

When creating an event, all the details are kept neatly in the events section, so members can easily access any information they need. With a simple sync tool, players can add upcoming events, single or recurring, to their calendar to stay on top of all club events they’ve been invited too.

Know who’s coming to training and who’s not!

The club coach can see who has responded and can also check in real-time who is coming to training in advance. So, no more chasing players or worrying if they’re coming or not! The club maintains complete control over who runs and participates in groups.

Showing three screens of the Clubforce Connect App. The homescreen shows upcoming events with the number of attendance to each event. The second screen shows  in-app attendance tracking features. The third shows a summary screen of who will be attending their training session

With the Connect App, coaches can create their own dedicated group for their team, allowing them to send notifications to members and get a graphical summary of who has responded – ideal for changes to training schedules and match day arrangements. No need to scroll through a continuous feed of responses to see who will or won’t attend a training session.

Ensure safeguarding for U18 members

The communications module of the Clubforce mobile app also provides added security for juveniles – giving coaches, club officers, players and parents greater peace of mind. We have developed a group communications tool that uses partial anonymity to protect the contact information of club members – no phone numbers, emails and other details are shared.

These are just some of the features of the latest version of the app, designed to help club volunteers get the most from their role at the club. For more information on how Clubforce can help your club, simply fill in this form, and we’ll hop on a quick call to see Clubforce in action.