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How To Manage Your Club Accounts Online

Through the Clubforce system, club treasurers or appointed administrators have the ability to manage their club members’ financial processes and track revenue streams directly from clubs’ accounts. Revenue streams can be processed and tracked through the Clubforce admin panel, as well as issue invoices and process refunds all with no requirement for physical cash exchanges. This is particularly useful for clubs looking to process sponsorship revenue, manage clubhouse bookings, accept payments for astroturf rental or even for issuing gift vouchers.

In this article you will find out how to:

– Generate and send out Invoices to your members

– Produce detailed Accounts Summary Reports

– Breakdown revenue by Membership plan and age grade

– Process Refunds at the click of a button

– See in real-time who has paid and who is in arrears

– Transfer funds to your bank or NGB effortlessly

Taking registrations online is beneficial in many ways, when looking at accounts it enables clubs to do a full overview of the financial performance of the club. Club Treasurers are responsible for managing the flow of money into the club and for allocating and recording how that money is spent to run the club. This is a vital role as the treasurer works to ensure the club is able to meet its day-to-day expenses and prompts the need for increased club fundraising where a shortfall exists.

Generate and send out invoices to your members

The clubforce invoice feature in your admin panel enables your club to create and submit invoices to members registered on the Clubforce platform. This feature makes it easier for you and your members to pay and track invoices, run specific reports and eliminate the need for paper pricessin cash payments.

Produce detailed Accounts Summary Reports

The Accounts Summary Daily report in Clubforce will provide you with an overview of income earned across different streams for a shorter time period, such as a day or a week. This gives you the flexibility to pull detailed, specific reporting around any event, lottery performance and tickets sold.

Breakdown revenue by Membership plan and age grade

With Clubforce, you can get a detailed overview of all of one member’s activities with your club based on different membership types and age grades. Through Single Member View, you’ll be able to see how often someone participates in your fundraising events, who have paid their membership and how often they engage with your club. 

Process Refunds at the click of a button

If any of your members need a refund for any reason, you will be able to process that through your club admin panel. Whether it’s lottery fundraising or membership refunds, Clubforce keeps a documented record of all online transactional activities.

See in real-time who has paid and who is in arrears

The Clubforce App allows you to see in real-time who has paid their membership fees and send reminders to those who haven’t paid via email, SMS or app notification. Once payment is made, the app updates in real-time to reflect the changes.

Transfer funds to your bank or NGB

To access your club revenue at any time, Clubforce can add a “Transfer to Bank” button to your admin account to process any payment transfers. With a click of a button, you can effortlessly and securely migrate your revenue from your club account to your bank or NGB.

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