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Step by Step Guide: Using GAA GMS with Clubforce

Club officials will already be aware that all GAA clubs must register their players and members annually on the GAA Management System. The designated club administrator (usually either the Club Registrar or Club Secretary) is responsible for ensuring that all players are registered on the GAA system. This can be a time-consuming task for club volunteers but with Clubforce, the update is quick and hassle-free and will be finished in a matter of minutes – if this is functionality your club is not using during the busy registration season, you are really missing out this January!

Clubforce is the ONLY sports participation management system capable of this two-way data sync with the GAA GMS having developed this functionality for the GAA in 2016. Together with the Manager View functionality in the Clubforce app, club volunteers can expect to save 50 hours plus in administration time in January alone!

Take the following 10 steps to register your players and members on the GAA Management System quickly and easily:

  1. Log in to the GAA GMS system using your appropriate login credentials (if you have trouble accessing this system contact GAA GMS support.)
  2. Download the previous season’s member data by clicking Members > View Members > More Actions > Select Step 1 – Download Current Member Data
  3. Save this file to your desktop PC – it will be used to import your previous year’s verified members to Clubforce
  4. Log in to the Clubforce admin panel using your Clubforce administrator username and password
  5. Next you will import this file to Clubforce, by clicking Memberships > GAA GMS > Import GAA-GMS data
  6. Once the import is complete, the Registrar can review and verify members by clicking Memberships > GAA GMS > Registrar Review Members
  7. The registrar selects the relevant registration forms (i.e. the current year) to import into the GAA GMS system and chooses how to action the membership record (review / update / verify) for each member
  8. Next the registrar exports to GAA GMS by clicking Memberships > GAA GMS > Export Data for GAA GMS, selecting the relevant forms to extract and exporting the file
  9. The import to GAA GMS, log in to GAA GMS and click Members > View Members > More Actions > Bulk Update Members and choose the file you exported from Clubforce
  10. Spot check the data in the Bulk Update Members Preview before clicking the green import members button to complete the sync.

This quick and easy process saves time for club volunteers but also ensures that club members can quickly check their GAA member ID through their Clubforce member account. They can access this number by logging into their account and opening the NGB numbers tab.

For more details looking at how Clubforce helps clubs to register their players and members on the GAA system in a seamless way, download the GAA Foireann Guide here.

If your club would like to know more about using this integration and other time-saving features, call us today on (091) 506048 or fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!

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